How to Use RxtoMe

What does the RxtoMe Discount Card program provide?

The RxtoMe Discount Card program provides:
  • A prescription savings card that offers instant savings at the register on both brand name and generic prescription medication. Use the card to save on prescriptions for you and everyone in your household.
  • No enrollment fee and no limits on usage.
  • Everyone in your household can use the same card.
  • A pharmacy discount network of 65,000 participating pharmacies across the country including chain and independent retail pharmacies.

How does the RxtoMe Discount Card work?

Getting prescription discounts with the RxtoMe Discounts program could not be easier!
Step 1: Type a medication on the website's search engine.
Step 2: Search for the lowest priced prescription medications near you.
Step 3: Show your savings card at the pharmacy and pay the discounted price.
It's that easy! There is no paperwork to complete and no limit on usage.

How much will I save with the RxtoMe Discount Card?

Savings average 60% and, in some cases, can be 80% or more!* Savings vary upon the medication and the pharmacy you choose to use.
* Based on 2018 national program savings data. Average and up to savings percentages are based on all discounted prescriptions that were run through the WellRx program in 2018. Discount percentages represent savings provided off of pharmacies' retail prices for consumers who do not have a discount program and pay cash.

Who can use the RxtoMe Discount Card?

  • If you have limited insurance or no prescription coverage, use your RxtoMe Discount card for discounts on brand-name and generic prescription medications you or your household members pay for out-of-pocket.
  • If you have health insurance, Medicare, or a high-deductible health plan, use your RxtoMe Discount card to save on medications not covered by insurance. You may possibly find a lower price than your insurance copay.
  • If you have pets, use your RxtoMe Discount card for discounts on human-equivalent pet prescriptions.
  • If you have Medicare and decide not to enroll in Medicare Part D - you can save money instantly with a RxtoMe discount card! There are no age or income restrictions.

Do all pharmacies accept the RxtoMe Discount Card?

The RxToMe Discount Card is accepted at 65,000 participating chain and independent retail pharmacies nationwide, so there's likely a participating pharmacy nearby. Chances are the pharmacy you use now participates. To find a participating pharmacy near you, visit our homepage and enter the prescription medication you wish to price.
Attention Walmart and Sam's Club pharmacy customers! Recently, Walmart and Sam's Club pharmacies updated their pharmacy computer systems. Walmart and Sam's Club pharmacists may require you to show your RxtoMe Discount card again.
To assist you in managing the update, please show your RxtoMe Discount card to the pharmacist every time you fill or refill a prescription.

My pharmacy won't take my RxtoMe card.

If you are using a participating pharmacy, our customer service representatives will be happy to assist the pharmacy with processing. To speak to a representative, please email us or call at 800-407-8156.

The pharmacist gave me a different price than what the price check tool showed. What can I do?

It's frustrating to be quoted one price online, only to find it’s different when you arrive at the pharmacy. Prescription prices are volatile and can change daily at different pharmacies even in the same zip code.
When you use our price check tools, be sure to do a final look-up on the same day you are paying for your drugs. You’re far less likely to be surprised by a different amount than you expected, and, you may find another pharmacy with an even lower price!
Another common issue is, your pharmacy may be using a different discount card. Why? Habit, speed, and convenience. You can always ask your pharmacist to "please check the cash price and process it with the RxtoMe discount.
If you're still having problems, please email us at, Monday through Friday, from 9am to 5pm PST. Our team will be glad to help get to the bottom of any issues!

What should I do if I lose my RxtoMe Discount card?

We know that with today's hectic lifestyles, things get misplaced. Don't worry. Simply re-use our search tool on our homepage and go through the process again. There's no limit to how many times you can use it!

Can I use this to get discounts on my Medical Marijuana?

No. At this time, our discounts only cover FDA approved medications. The FDA has not approved marijuana for any medical use, so the RxtoMe Discount card can't provide discounts for medical marijuana, even if you have a medical card.

Can I use this to get discounts on Canadian medications?

No. RxtoMe only offers discounts for the U.S., Puerto Rico, and Guam.

Medication Questions

Generic vs Brand Name

"A" rated generics meet the same quality standards as brand name prescription drugs and thus provide the same medical benefits. A drug that is "A" rated by the FDA as a generic equivalent contains identical active ingredients as the brand name drug, the same dosage as the brand name drug, and delivers the same concentrations of drug to the bloodstream within the same amount of time. Other than the price, there is little difference when comparing generic vs brand name drugs, although the shape or color of the generic you buy is likely to be different from brand name medicines.

What if there is no generic available?

Generic prescription drugs are available only when the patent for the original brand name drug has expired. The patents for many popular brand name drugs have recently expired. However, if a generic is not available, there may be an alternative medication in the same pharmaceutical class that is less expensive or that does have a generic equivalent. Ask your physician if such an alternative would be right for you.